State of the Art

What is the meaning of art? Do you consider yourself an artist? Do you think art has value?

Art has the ability to express something surreal in a real way or something real in a surreal manner. Art, for me, is an experience that tastes like the last line of a poem in the mouth. It always leaves something behind – an aftertaste, an impact.

Someone who is leaps and bounds from art may not necessarily find anything exciting about a mundane object like a spatula in their kitchen. But someone with artistic instincts may print tiny spatulas in a continuous pattern on a cloth, thereby recreating and redefining it. An artist can create art from anything, and make it everything.

Artists belong to the bracket of people who have the courage to do what they love, to say what they like. They have the courage to be themselves, unapologetically. The least we can do is, be more accepting and welcoming.

Such is the ubiquity of art that we often find ourselves taking it for granted. What we often forget is that we all have the potential to be artists and that we’re all a piece of art ourselves.

In times like this, where the world is in a state of crisis, a multitude of people have found solace in cooking, baking, dancing, writing – all forms of art. How is it possible that people from different countries, from different age groups, from different belief systems, from different walks of life have collectively taken to artistic hobbies in a short span of time? This isn’t a chance coincidence. Subconsciously, we believe that art is the only thing that is keeping us sane. If there is anything that will save the world from the whirlpool of bottomless nothingness, it is art.

So let us touch base with ourselves, let us make ourselves more versatile, let us revive our fading parts little by little every day, and let us whip up something so incredible that we surprise ourselves with our own potential. Ask yourself these questions again - What is the meaning of art? Do you consider yourself an artist? Do you think art has value? See if your answers are transforming every day. And that, my friends, is a beautiful change.

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