• Ayudha Kembhavi

Everything around us is art. Be one!

The "Earth" without "art" is just "eh" - Pablo Picasso.

To put into words what art is becomes simply an impossible task. art meaning dimensions and touching horizons, different for each one! To say that art is a skill that we develop wouldn't be completely true or logical cause the mere arrival of a new life onto this planet is art in itself. Something so inseparable from us, so intricately woven.

We humans were created to create, and if art isnt the greatest of our creations I don't know what is. It is the mother of all creations, from where stem all the possibilities of expression,and allows to explore beyond ourselves. From a child learning to write, a crab making its home in the sand, the way the jelly fish swims, the arrangements the saptaswaras are placed, the carvings on monuments big or sculptures of an amateur, the tranquil sound of musical instruments in Harmony, the rhythm of the ghungroo,the gentle yet magnificent strokes of a paint brush, the variations in the voice of a singer, the words that are penned down, to all the things in the nature!! The joy that is found in it is no less than a life saver. Infact I feel it is the greatest form of Hope and Faith! To be able to just express onself and to touch other people's life is art in itself. How beautiful is it to see a person so engorged in oneself and just letting the thoughts flow out and creating such amazing vibes?? Art speaks volumes, not needing an elaboration,simply conveying the emotion. There are tears too deep for thought, fears kept too long within, happiness no one to share with, insecurities rooting every move, emotions too terrified to voice out- if you pay attention you witness all this in art!

All of us have the art within us, only our job is to bring out the artist in us and start curating. Quoting Pablo Picasso again- learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist!

Recognise, understand and appreciate any and every form of art. Be the art!

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