• Amritha Melant


Three lettered 'ART' rules over five lettered 'WORLD' while four-lettered 'SOUL' carries it throughout. The birth of Art was simply the birth of earth, while the end does not exist. Art is eternal, so are the artists.

Major mass of people do think that 'Art' is just some paintings, sketches, or drawings. Some think 'Arts' is just a subject. Some think 'We are not interested in art (painting)'. Some think Art is only available in museums or art exhibitions. They think art is restricted to a canvas. They think artists are those who paint and have no other work to do. For some, it is just a meme template of 'Art and Artist'. While for some it is just Deepika Padukone's dialogue 'Dance Ek art hai art' from the movie Happy New Year. What they don't understand is 'Art is omnipresent’. It’s a popular opinion that words like 'Life' or 'Love' are undefinable. But I truly believe 'Art' is undefinable or inexpressible.

What makes an art an art? And an artist an artist? It is beyond monetary value. Art is everywhere and artists are everyone.

There is a power, energy, almighty, or God- whatever you call it. The power has created all of us. The God himself is an artist - the greatest of great artists. He created nature, green trees, flowing rivers, colorful flowers, a wide blue sky, white pure clouds, and everything. He created animals, birds, and wildlife. And so he created humans- the raw materials to create more. To create, Art! Thus we are all artists created by the Artist. We are all artists to create more of Art.

To make it more clear, artists aren't just painters, dancers, singers, actors, photographers, sculptors and so on. They aren't just the one who creates the 'perfect' art. But artists are each and every human on earth. All of us create. Art is a creation, not perfection.

We create. Every day we have got on earth, we create. It's a never-ending process. While we create, we artists drop a part of our soul into the art. It's like Voldemort's Horcruxes. A part of our soul always stays in the art we create. Art is our Horcrux. One which no one can destroy. Artists aren't just the ones who create but also the one who admires. We all humans admire every piece of art. For every art, there is one admirer. And he matters. As he carries the art in his heart. His soul will always have a part of art in it. From souls to souls, from lives to lives Art lives on. Eternally! Artists never die. Their soul will always stay here on earth, making the earth a better place to live.

Billions of artists have lived on this earth, they are still living, they will continue to live on. Forever!

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