• PN Ananya

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Inexplicable yet so simple, silent yet so vibrant, simple yet so enlightening. Art, the most inevitable part of nature. Though it deals with umpteen languages, they all communicate the same motto, HAPPINESS. Charm of dance, melody of music, emotions of acting, magic of poetry, strength of sports, all, elicit happiness in our minds, smile on our faces. Every artist transmits his/her own message from the soul in their own language. The language of art, transmuting embarrassments, failures and sombre appreciations into tunnels embracing success.

Whether or not one may reject or criticise it, every molecule of art is sacred, invaluable and irreplaceable. We may rank men upon the art they pursue based on money, liking, popularity and preferences but, all forms of art are interdependent, coexisting and building the other in their biodiversity. They are no solivagant wanderers but, fuel one another suffusing the purpose of art into our lives and bring in jubilance in their own way. 

Art quenches the thirst of human boredom and our quest in pursuit of triumph keeps it immortal!

- P.N.Ananya

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