Aesthetics of Art

I have trudged many ways in search of art, to dissect it and observe it, to understand it and to be one with it. Spent many hours, ruminated and introspected many times and over seeking art in its many forms. And I did see or more like I was honoured to see art in its many forms. Saw it once in Theyyam rituals, the vibrant and crimson pattern of it awed me. Saw it once when I came across a landscape and was overwhelmed by its vastness and beauty of it. Saw it once at night when a majestic white owl flew just before my eye and stood in the next building balcony, looking at me like he had a letter to deliver. Felt it once in the tears I shed for Fatima and her life, a character in Khaled Hussain’s “Thousand splendid sun”. I have seen, felt and sensed art in its many forms and I should say I am an admirer when it comes to art. I divulge myself in its intricacies, admire its nuances and give myself into in to its profundity

While in seek of art, there came a point where few questions aroused in me

What is art?

How different is art from life?

Can we see art and life separate?

And to me the aesthetics of art start from that very question. The more we think art is not relevant in our day to day life the more we are wrong. The art in its purest form is simple and in life art lies in everything simple. Art sometimes lies in the simple gesture you take for granted. Art sometimes lies in getting up and going to get groceries. Art sometimes lies in simple smiles and simple hand gestures. That’s the aesthetic of art, it is both simple and complex at the same time. It is simple to those who look closely and observe, but complex to those who don’t understand the pattern.

What is art?

When that question came to me, I was overwhelmed and curious like anyone else who came across a new path and didn’t know where it would take. Didn’t know if I had it in me to understand it or to absolve it in me. I was baffled at first but my curiosity kept me going. This curiosity took me to literature, art, music, folk stories, macramé’s, and many such things we call creativity. In that pursuit I understood how creativity stands so close to life. Some do it for their happiness, some do it as a way to vent out their emotions, some do it in pursuit to evolve as a person, some do it because the heck they want to do it. There are many reasons and rationale given for it and that's the beauty of it, art is an individual pursuit and even when the reasons differ we know art is what makes this life worth living.

Aesthetics of art, I believe is to create no matter what it is or how small you think your thoughts or ideas sound. Aesthetics of art is to have a mind to know that no art is perfect and you keep space to evolve as a person, as an individual, as a human being.

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