What Malfarin does for you

Malfarin is a world wide platform of luxury products and services, which revolves around the domain of art. Malfarin holds a collection of works of renowned international artists divided to various segments catering to specific genres.

Malfarin provides a retail front for the acquisition of high end collectable artistic works, as an aid for asset services and specialize in Client - Artist relationships .

We also function as a producer of elegant art decor products , through which we aid the commercialisation of artworks , which would be included as an essential element in interior decor and design.

Asset Retail

A personalized service for Asset acquisition 

Art Decor

Production of Art Decor Elements

Mural Services

Commissioned Art and Mural Making Services



The gathering of sand on itself has measured time since the necessity of defining intervals. Similarly, our realm emerged the second incandescence needed interpretation. For the hues told stories our voices couldn't carry, and the our eyes saw heaven through the lens.


Power that lies within, is the power that's shown. The platform to aid perseverance, a medium for gratification and most importantly, the podium on which stances are paid attention. We strive to build a community where excellence and bliss are intertwined in harmony.

We are an Asset Retail and Art Decor Consultancy Service based in Bangalore, India

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